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Welcome to the hottest, most delicious charcoal grilled Portuguese chicken in town, and that, is just the start of it!

OPEN EVERYDAY 12:00 TO 22:00



Whether its for a scrumptious lunch or a mouthwatering dinner, call ahead to reserve your table:

Tell  0242  497  950  or   077 9421 014

For reservations the same day please only contact us via phone call. Reservations on other platforms are only confirmed if you have had a response from us. It is not automatic.

Take Aways

Not only can you take anything from our menu home with you. We also offer a supply of marinated uncooked chickens for take-away!

Gift Vouchers

Why not treat your friends and loved ones to a good time. With vouchers of any value that can be used for meals or items from our Portuguese deli shop.

Squeaky Clean

Such a large restaurant needs a large amount of cleaning. We religiously follow our daily and weekly schedules, as well as deep cleaning carried out regularly

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Events & Special Offers

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We only use
Imported Charcoal

The finest flavour only comes from the finest charcoal. Which is why we import all our charcoal to give you that genuine charcoal grilled taste.

Strict Chicken

We only accept chickens from registered chicken farms who comply with strict farming regulations

Seafood Straight
from Mozambquie

Almost all our prawns come directly from Beira and are kept under exact -5° temperatures with generator back up to ensure our quality never changes.

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